Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Making Faces.

Tony is just about to go to sleep. This photo was taken only minutes before I pushed the publish button. I will be going to join him soon. I just tired for some reason.
Just before Tony fell asleep another night, he and I made faces at each other. I stuck my tongue out at him; he stuck out his in return. And things went from there. It was all great fun and in two minutes he was fast asleep.

A day off tomorrow. But there is no rest for this wicked evil fascist neo-con libertarian son of a bitch! The wife has plans. I must obey.

Tomorrow, we will be going to see Lucy, an old student of mine who runs a pre-school in which Tony will be enrolled very soon. It will be a good time to take WTU #288. I haven't done a WTU in six days! What is wrong with me.

I hope we can get some shopping done as well.

I am working on some more smutty fiction to stick in my other blog. In this one Bill Hill gets stuck at a girl's school overnight with hilarious consequences.

I finished the 8th chapter of GKC's Orthodoxy. I am convinced. I am converting.

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