Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Evening whatevers.

  • I took the bike to work today. I survived with flying colors.
  • What is Tony doing in the photo? He is unplugging something he shouldn't.
  • I was tempted to talk about balding in my English Corner this afternoon.
  • Tony gave me seven mao, which is seven tenths of a rmb. I was about to put them in my pocket when he grabbed my arm. I had to give the money back.
  • My wife hates it when I say "just about"!
  • What is the most awful thing you can think of? "A dog eating s*** and then licking your face!" I will never ask the question again.
  • Do you what President' Oprah's biggest sin is? He has committed many. But he just seems so frigging boring like a guy who just won't shut up! The Americans have inadvertently created a bully pulpit so big that even the most insignificant and clueless of people can be heeded by standing on it.
  • Tony has just unzipped my jacket so he could put a coin in it. Amazing!
  • Tony has just found something that we, that being his parents, never knew had a magnet on it. This mini etch-a-sketch device we bought for Tony has a writing thing (I can't think of a word) with a magnetic tip. Tony just used this pen-like object to pick up the coins he has been playing with all day.
  • The Mandarin for where I live is: Jia Zhou Yang Fang. Remember that! McCall!I have this idea for teaching. Suspend students from the ceiling of the classroom by convincing them they learn more if there is more blood in their brains. Rig the classroom so that that bad students get dropped on their head if they don't participate, and you have the perfect learning atmosphere for teacher and student.
  • China has blocked Youtube again.
  • There is a poll about the best expat pubs in Wuxi. If you ask me, they all suck!

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