Friday, March 20, 2009

Norks and Dongs.

Here is what John Derbyshire had to say recently about North Korean missiles:

The North Koreans say they're going to launch a satellite. Can you believe these people? They have no industry and no commerce; half the population is in labor camps and the other half is starving; there's one TV channel and no private automobiles; and they're building atom bombs and launching satellites. The missile here, I should say, is not one of the No Dong type beloved of schoolboys everywhere; it's a Taepo Dong 2. I wouldn't want Radio Derb listeners to get hold of the wrong Dong. The Norks are a real major nuisance in the world — say, approximately 120 times bigger nuisance than Saddam Hussein's Iraq was. Now they're going to launch a satellite, though everyone knows the point of the thing is just to show the world they have a really long-range missile. Seems to me this is a wonderful opportunity to test our anti-missile technology. We've had these things in development for decades, let's see what they can do. Get every one of them out there on Navy ships in a ring around North Korea, and award a tremendous cash bonus to whichever development team hits the Nork missile first, with bonuses to the ship's crew also. If the Norks want to make a nuisance of themselves to us, let's make a nuisance of ourselves to them. Who's the superpower here?

I heard this on Radio Derb. Now, I have been saying Norks all week. I like the sound of the word Nork. Well, I told an Australian about this fetish I developed for saying the word and I learned that Nork is Australian slang for a women's breast. Combining this with the fact that the Norks call their missiles Dongs and you have hours of fun.

Here, Derbyshire talks about the Chinese economy.

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