Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Night in AKICistan.

I came across this blog called TJICistan. I like the title. I will coin the word AKICistan. It may be a good name for the blog in the future. I am a citizen of AKICistan, I will tell my students. That way, I don't have to tell them the long and sordid and pathetic stories of how I moved like a gypsy all over the world and somehow ended up in Wuxi, PRCistan. AKICistan is the original gypsy nation having controlled the plains of central North America, the mountains of British Columba, and now the canals of Jiangsu. It also occupied parts of Europe during the Cold War.

I wait, and I trust you wait, for China to unblock Youtube. I have a backlog of Wuxi Tony Updates to upload. You will love the WTU where Tony fights a mountain gorilla to a 12 round draw.

I have no exciting philosophical discoveries to tell you about this evening. I am having a stale day. Everything seems stale. The people I see are stale. Especially their odours. Thankfully, Tony is discovering new ways everyday to astound and annoy his parents.

Tony didn't want to eat the food his mother made for him for supper. He instead found a box of crisps, on his own, and ate them instead. He can also grab little drink bottles from the kitchen, open them himself, and insert the supplied straws into them when his mother isn't looking.

I can hardly wait till he can dress himself and doesn't need to be carried when he is taken on an outing.

Tomorrow is my day off. The AKICistans no big plans. We have to wait till payday before we can splurge on anything. If the weather is conducive, I may take Tony for a walk.

Wasting away again in AKICistan.
Waiting for my something or other blah blah
Some people say that there's a woman to blame
But I know there is nothing that can be done about it....

I have this urge to watch the Wizard of Oz, Tony AKICistan's favorite movie, for the 150th time. I don't know the songs by heart yet. Tonight, I wanted to belt out the song the Tin Man did about needing a heart.

I am wearing two pairs of Long Johns. Why you ask? I had been wearing one around Casa AKICistan like it was a pair of sweat pants or pajama bottoms. This afternoon, I took the bike downtown and I obeyed the wife when she ordered me to wear a pair of Long Johns. Her order was the order of a benevolent despot because it was damn cold today in Wuxi. As well, in an effect that is analogous to the change in time that happens when you go at high speeds approaching the speed of light, temperatures are much colder when you are riding fast in the open air. Coming home, I took off my pants (I will provide photos of this privately, for a price, if you are interested) and replaced them with my sweats, aka Long Johns. And so I am wearing two pairs of Long Johns which Mrs. AKICistan finds very amusing.

Why is America so successful? As Victor David Hanson points out: there are millions of impressive Americans, who get up in the morning at 5AM, go to bed at 10PM, avoid the bars, the drugs, the crime—and carry the rest of the country on their backs. That is the way I got to be... again.

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Welcome to the world of -stan blogging!

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