Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Night K-musings Two.

Tony was happy to see me when I arrived home. It makes the day well worth it because otherwise it wouldn't have been.

Some Thursday night a while back, I did a "Thursday K-musings". So tonight is part two.

I in fact finished watching the Song of Bernadette DVD last night. I enjoyed the film. I didn't know Hollywood made movies where Catholics were portrayed favourably but this is one. The film portrayed Atheists in their nasty true light. The question of whether the girl Bernadette saw the Virgin Mary was left open by the film. When Bernadette said the vision called itself the Immaculate Conception, you had to wonder how she could not have heard before. Surely, girls talked about such things as conception without the priests having to tell them about it. But as the movie said at the beginning: "To believers, no proof is necessary. To un-believers, no proof is sufficient."

This Yahoo list of "100 Movies to See Before You Die" doesn't include any Astaire and Rogers movies. Yet, it includes that horrid film Titanic. Also, someone pointed out that it didn't include High Noon. You could drop "the Matrix" off that list and replace it with the Gary Cooper classic.

If you are going to have a bicycle path next to the road, it is a good idea to not have a tall hedge of bushes dividing the two lanes. On my ride to work, there is this spot that is dangerous because of bushes. The bushes serve to blind cars turning from bicycles. Today, I saw the end result of a collision between a bicycle and a car that had made to quick a turn for the cyclist to anticipate. Furthermore, this spot is a blind spot for bicycles approaching each other because there is a bend in a road which makes for a blind turn. The turn is blind because no one in China seems to want to ride in their proper lanes.

Why is China blocking Youtube? I have my theories.

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