Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sunday Morning.

I am up and at 'em!

I have this leftover thought from my showing of the Looney Tunes cartoons yesterday. Now, the cartoons are a great achievement in many ways. One way that struck me yesterday was the Mel Blanc voice characterizations. I don't know if the students took note of the voices or not. But, I can't see how they couldn't laugh when Yosemite Sam exclaims "Fearless Freep! That's ma boy!". I'll be having that expression on my tongue all day long, saying it even when there is no reason to. I will eventually be saying "Tony! He's ma boy!"

The rain continues. I'll just have to buck up!

The school has a Micheal Crichton novel Airframe in its collection of English language books. I have borrowed it and am reading it, getting through it like a hot knife through butter. His death recently and the things said about him then inspired me to read anything of his I can get a hold of.

Watching the local t.v., I noticed that they have reporters on the scene reporting traffic accidents. They have even shown gory details like drivers trapped in vehicles. I suppose it is part of the authorities trying to stop accidents of which there many here in Wuxi.

The maid arrives in 30 minutes. There is a little bit of live-blogging for you.

Chinese Glamour lives. The author of this article says he doesn't watch many Hollywood movies anymore (I do, but only the old ones). He continues observing that Hollywood doesn't do glamour anymore in its' films but that the Chinese currently do.

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