Friday, March 27, 2009

Astounding Amazing Friday.

I had a class where the two students were married just two weeks. I asked the newlyweds what they did for they for their honeymoon. One of them went to Hainan Island. The other went to Yunnan province.

Why didn't they do together? They were recently married to other people.

I ask you. What are the chances of that happening?

I found this out at the end of the class when one of them asked if the beautiful baby they had seen wandering around the school was mine. After showing them a photo of Tony, they had proof that it was. And I had been wandering what these two students seemed so chipper.

In my class prior to the newly-weds, the students and I talked about leadership. I posed the question: Is it better for a leader if his followers love him or fear him? One of the students, who studies Industrial Design at Jiangnan University said 80 percent fear, 20 percent love was the right mixture. I agreed with her readily.

I will bring my camera with me tomorrow in hopes of taking photos of Buddhists attending some World Buddhist Forum. I missed an opportunity to take a great shot of three monks asking three policemen for directions this afternoon.

On the bus this morning, the video screen showed images of curling and baby seals being clubbed. I thought I was in Moncton.

What do I love about America? Its' capacity for self-criticism. Everyone knows what is wrong with America. Most non-Americans don't know what is wrong with themselves. Anyway, here is an article, about how America could end up like Argentina, written by an American.

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