Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Night K-musings.

Boy Kaulins (my son Tony) is becoming more and more agile. However, his mother worries that he can't say many words. Apparently some children younger than him can. I say whatever. I hope my son becomes a soft-spoken and silent man of action whose deeds speak louder than his words while at the same time backing the words up.

Rush Limbaugh has been in the news lately. I have noticed that he has come in for some criticism from some conservatives. Seablogger and David Frum are a few that have ripped into him.

They talk about how he is fat and unattractive - very superficial reasons to criticize I must say.

They say Rush talks too much, but that is what he does and he has made a good deal of money doing so. What he does involves being a windbag, of sorts. I remember once meeting a local radio talk show host in Canada and thinking to myself how this particular host sounded just like his show - that is he was a chatterbox. Twenty million like to listen to him talk. Rush does what he was born to do.

Listening to Rush Limbaugh exposed me to a world of thought that had previously been unavailable to me. He and conversely the NDPer, I talked to, whose hatred of America was vile like the hatred of an anti-semite, brought about an epiphany in my thought. From then on, I have been on the conservative and libertarian side of the political spectrum. Rush converted me as he has converted many others.

That he has his faults, which open him to charges of hypocrisy, is a fact I am well aware of. But regardless of the problems he has had in his life, he speaks more common sense than men like Clinton, Obama, or fill-in-the-blank with any Democrat name do. Obama is a family man, but he is so fill of wrong-headed ideas that will damage many other families. Rush has always talked about the failures he had in his life. His message, that you must believe in yourself and don't count on the government to save you, brought me out of a stupid rut that I allowed myself to get into in my early twenties. Rush has had his share of troubles along the way and has always risen above them like he no doubt will in this latest flap.

David Frum's attack on Rush Limbaugh reminds me of his supporting Stockwell Day over Preston Manning in the Canadian Alliance leadership election. Preston Manning had created a political party that vaulted itself to opposition status in the federal parliament - a remarkable political achievement. Frum, if memory serves me correct, supported Day in the race. He supported Day, I suspect, because of this urge for the movement created by Manning to have a new hip face as opposed to the old and unhip face of Manning. I have to admit that I did as well. I had a membership in the party at that time and it was this sort of thinking that spurred me on to vote for Day. Day won the leadership election but turned out to a disaster - I regret this day that I didn't vote for Manning who was tried, tested, and true.

Frum, I suspect, has this political fixer's belief that all people in politics have expiration dates and that it is best to move on to fresh faces. It is this superficial reasoning that lead to the elections of Carter and Obama certainly. Carter with his big toothed smile quickly lost his lustre. Obama, should if there is any hope in this world, will suffer the same fate. Rush won me over because he went for the brain. He was never cool and never will be but his ideas don't have limited shelf life. Frum should think about that before he finds himself replacing Thatchers with Majors yet again.

Here is a great line from a comment posted on Seablogger that Seablogger felt compelled to put in an entry: Socialist economics is to economics as astrology is to astronomy. The line is so true that I can list thousands of examples to prove it is so. But for now, the line leads me to wonder if a term like astrological economics or economic astrology be coined for the theories behind whatever it is Obama is trying to do to the economy. One example of astrological economics is the multiplier theory that gets pull out as a justification for government spending.

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