Thursday, March 26, 2009

Friday Noon.

Tony was up at 650 AM this morning. An hour earlier than usual. He thus didn't give me any time to make a blog entry this morning. So I am making one now.

It is cold and damp in the Wux today. So I took the bus to work.

Tony loves it when I sing "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands..."

With Tony up so early, I have to mind him while I let Jenny get more shuteye. Not wanting to dress him, I lay in bed with him, making sure he didn't jump on his mother. Between minding and amusing him, I thought about what I would blog about. I thought about my past. The dumb things I did. Do I have the courage to ever talk about them in this blog? I wonder. But it would do me good to relate some episodes from my past, particularly the ones that put me in a bad light. To understand myself, I have to be able to explain myself to you.

On the way to work, I ran into an old student. She was selling cars for Mazda. She now runs a small clothing shop with a partner to which I must take Jenny.

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