Wednesday, July 8, 2020

A Woke Podcast; Rain in Wuxi, Rain in Brandon; Putting Down the Masks; Trump-Hater Boycott; Cutting Corners

  • I listen to podcasts of a dissident or reactionary persuasion, so it really jars me when I hear something "woke" being said in a podcast. I was listening to a locked-in podcast about the Houston Rockets. I was interested, on account of my son Tony, about what the Rockets schedule would be when they resumed play. This was fine. But then they had to make a point of saying how concerned they were about "social issues" and were donating money to organizations created to deal with them. I immediately wanted to delete the podcast and never listen to another episode. Why did they have to make mention of politics? Sports is meant to be an escape from all the bullshit. But no, they had to show they cared! I was reminded of the crap I heard while I was in the bathroom at the Minnesota Twins baseball stadium, and a recorded message was played telling patrons how "woke" the baseball organization was about things like the environment and gender issues.

  • It rained 95 mm in one day in Wuxi and it resulted in some flooding. Still, it was nothing like the 150 mm that fell in five hours in Brandon, Canada where my Mom lives.

  • More and more, I see people putting their masks down off their face so that it just covers their neck. I have seen this on buses and the subway. With so much humidity, the mask merely adds to the suffering.

  • I was so annoyed at the riots in the USA, that I stopped talking to one Canadian I know here. I wasn't interested in hearing his take on what was going on there. This guy is from the Trump-is-a-racist crowd. (But that kind of isolates, so I may have to contact him out of curiosity.)

  • I hope Trump can win the election later this year. Like it or not, he is the one we have to cheer for, if we love Western Civilization and Christendom and general human decency.

  • I may have said something in this blog about how the local drivers like to cut corners when they make turns, instead of making a perpendicular turn around the end of their turning lane. I think it is a selfish habit indicating a lack of skill, patience and consideration for others on the part of local drivers. I saw another extreme example of this by the driver of the car in the parking spot next to ours at our apartment complex. To set the scene in your mind, I will tell you that there are three parking spots between two columns. All cars back into their parking spot. So, from the driver's perspective, I have the parking spot, of the three, that is on the right and the right column is on the passenger side of our vehicle. The car next to us is the middle. One school morning, Tony & I were walking to our vehicle. The driver next to us had gotten to her car first, and she was pulling out of her parking spot. With no car on her left, she had her steering wheel cranked all the way to the left (which was the direction in which the parking garage entrance was.) It would have been very easy for a car coming from behind the right column to hit her, because that column does create a blind spot. But the locals only think of what is straight ahead of them and never think of what is all around.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Songs My Son Tony drums to:

Spirit Walker by the Cult

Start Me Up by The Rolling Stones

That'll Be the Day by Buddy Holly

Amorena by Elton John

A Little Less Conversation by Elvis Presley

Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana 

I don't care much for Tony drumming to Nirvana.  Having to listen to them after all these years, I can hear that they were awful.

The Scum of the Earth. The Worst Sort of People Are:







Cosmopolitan businessmen






Purveyors of Scientism



Chinese drivers.


The list is not comprehensive. For example, Democrats, Republicans, liberals, and conservatives haven't been listed.  And I see that I didn't say anything about Climate Change Hypers.

Communists and Nazis are socialists.

Bigots would be on the list, but I wouldn't want to insult them by lumping them in with anti-racists.

I like to classify myself as a reactionary.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Tony Finishes School; My Childhood Was So Much Better than Tony's; Bring Back the Sabbath; Went to the Wuxi Airport, A Van Driver Gets His Comeuppance from Me; SM off Youtube; Senior Students at my Speakers Corners

Tony Finishes School; My Childhood Was So Much Better than Tony's; Bring Back the Sabbath; Went to the Wuxi Airport, A Van Driver Gets His Comeuppance from Me; SM off YouTube; Senior Students at my Speakers Corners

  • Tony finishes school on the 11th. That be July 11th. So, at the start of July, my wife Jenny is tiger-mothering him to the hilt. His general demeanour has been one of general moroseness and tiredness.

  • I don't know if I have said this but I find myself not caring so much how Tony goes in school. The thing is I don't want my wife to succeed with her methods. Since Tony went to school, family life has taken a dismal turn. I had it so much better when I was growing up. Sundays, I could go out or my father would take us for drives. In China, he would be considered a bad man because he wasn't making his children spend their Sundays doing homework.

  • Bring back the Sabbath. Sunday shopping marked the real decline of civilization in the West.

  • I went to the Sunao Shuofeng Airport for the first time since I flew to Yunnan province in 2004. The place was not at all as I remembered it. I recall that 12 years ago, the place had only one level. This time the airport had a departure and arrival levels. And it now looked like the Nanjing main train station with its crescent drive in and out before the entrances. I went to the airport, not to catch a flight, but to be the token foreigner in a video to be shown to passengers landing to Wuxi on international flights. I was filmed talking to a policewoman. Not having any lines to say, I chatted with the woman and ignored the big camera crew filming us.

  • Really annoyed this van driver, I did... But only because he annoyed me first. It was just after I had dropped off Tony*. There is an intersection, where I can turn right, go straight, or turn left to get home. When I first came to this intersection a few years ago, I tried turning right but eventually found it annoying and decided to instead turn left because there were less delays even though I did have to drive further. Turning right, I would have to wait four or five lights before I could turn, all the while having to contend with drivers trying to either cut in line from the left turn lane to trying to get around the line by driving in the bicycle lane and even trying to cut in line from the right. I remember one time, pounding on the window of a vehicle and giving its driver a middle finger salute when he got too close to my car when trying to cut in ahead of me. Anyway. Back to the latest incident: I was in the left turn lane and was in front of the line. When the light is red, I can't enter the intersection, but when the light is green and the left turn light is red, I can enter the intersection part ways: there is a path is marked with lines. There was a van behind me. I didn't pay notice it until it honked its horn. And I saw that the van wanted me to move ahead so it could cut into the lane next to me. I decided to not move ahead and stop the guy from cheating. This annoyed the driver to no end and he gave me quite a sour look when he was finally able to get around me. I gave him the finger in response to his glare. It gives me no end of pleasure to annoy jerks like that. And why do they seem to take umbrage at being caught out? That's China for you.

  • Stefan Molyneux kicked off of YouTube. Being in China, I am not impacted by this. I was always listening to him via podcast. These live-streaming shows don't do me any good with my being on the wrong side of the world and in the wrong time zones. Although I wonder if I would listen to them if the times were better for me. Which makes me wonder about the people who consume him on Youtube. Pretty lazy if you ask me. You can easily get all these YouTube-banned dissidents on other platforms. The thing about him being kicked off is that he was pretty milquetoast, and tried very hard to stay away from landmines that the Lefties get off on. [Getting kicked off Youtube is not becoming a badge of honor in these idiotic times.]

  • Attendance at my Speakers Corners is increasing somewhat. I mean, I have gone from having none or one attendee to four or five. What I can report about the audience is that I am getting these old-timers coming to attend. Their listening isn't very good, but they are keen and have more interesting things to say than the younger attendees. One woman told me she was a member of the Communist Party but hated attended meetings because real discussion wasn't allowed. An older man told me that he tried to join the party but figured his application was rejected because he said he was too frank in his opinionating. He also told me that he was able to access news about Hong Kong that most people in the PRC couldn't access. I have taken in what they said without agreeing with them. To the woman, I talked about how many see the Democrats and Republicans in the US as being real a uniparty. I wonder too if these people are for real. That they seem too willing to talk about not liking the CCP. I wonder if they are trying to entrap foreigners.

*Hmmm. Seems something always happens after I drop Tony off at school.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Spraying in My Area; Experiencing State Power Up Close; Raining; Driver-Impatientiatus; No Lives Matter – No, Lives Matter; I Phone My Mom;

  • If I hadn't looked out my window, I would have thought that an ice cream truck was driving on the road that our apartment overlooks. For the entire afternoon, I heard the music for "It's a Small World After All." But the music was coming from these large truck sprayers (picture here, here and here.) My son Tony thinks that they are spraying for the Covid Xi Jing Ping Chicom Bat Flu. (Others confirm this.)

  • I felt the menace of state power as I walking to a bakery near Tony's school. What happened was this: I drove and dropped off Tony at his school. I then drove up the school road a bit and parked the car on the side of the road which was not too far from an intersection with the road where the bakery is located. I park there because the traffic on the road where the bakery is located is usually very heavy, and I think easier to merge into traffic from a spot where the nearby traffic is lighter. Of course, it does mean that I have to walk a few minutes to get to and from the Bakery and that I do worry about getting a parking ticket. But so far, no fines. This particular time, I walked onto bakery street and saw twenty uniformed security men walking in line ahead of me. They looked to be cracking down on obstacles to road and sidewalk traffic, such as parked cars, parked e-bikes and stands that the shops on the street might have put out. I noticed that one of security men in the lineup had a pad of yellow parking ticket stickers. Seeing this, I worried about my car being ticketed, and thought to go back to my car and not buy bread, till I thought that the men were all going away from my car, and I probably had enough time to buy bread and return to my car without any trouble. But I quickened my pace in a mild panic all the same. I soon was on the tail of the lineup of security men. To overtake them, I went up stairs that lead to the shop entrances and walked along the entrances till I was past the lineup. I then descended back to the street level, and took a crosswalk to get to the bakery. When I had made my purchases, I went back to the crosswalk just as the line of security men had almost finished using it. At the tail end of the lineup, I saw a security man who surely was the leader of the group. I looked him in the face and saw that he had very severe looking eyes. Guys like him are a dime a dozen in China, but they are the ones who keep the regime in power.

  • It's been raining the last two weeks. What can I say about it? It don't like it, but it's good for the farmers.

  • An extreme case of drive- very-impatientiatus on the road where I had parked my car to buy bread. I had dropped off Tony and was cruising down this road to get to the intersection where I would make a right turn, when a white car passed me on the right, and then scared me for an instant. The white car was in the bicycle lane when it was passing my car and just ahead of our two cars, was another car parked in the bicycle lane. I grimaced because it looked like there was going to be a collision. The white car got ahead of me and veered to barely avoid hitting the parked car. If I hadn't instinctually slowed down, the white car could easily have hit my car. Needless to say, this driver raised my ire and I thought of lots of foul-languaged ways to describe him and other drivers from his race. I watched the white car continue on ahead and make more impatient and aggressive maneuvers. There wasn't a chance that I was going to get beside that car and see who was driving, but I am certain that it was a man. As I have said repeatedly in this blog, the locals are very impatient. But this driver was on the tail distribution of local impatience. But the driver behavior is not rare. I have seen many cars weaving in traffic so impatiently that I feel compelled to write about them in my blog or to try my best to annoy by getting in their way.

  • One of my favorite retorts to the Black Lives Matter talk is to assert that No Lives Matter, Everyone is bad and Everyone should go boil their heads... Well, not so much assert as to post a meme saying that, except it uses more saucy and crude language. On a Canadians in China WeChat group, some person was posting how all the Prime Ministers currently depicted on Canadian currency have said things that would today be denounced as racist. I felt compelled to respond. So I posted a image of our current PM in blackface and the No Lives Matter meme. It immediately got a thumbs down from someone. I wonder if this someone thought that people were all good or hated the meme because it was a riposte to Black Lives Matter. Someone else then said that you can find things wrong with everyone if you tried hard enough. I thought that this someone else, even if he was on my side, was an idiot. You have to try hard to find flaws in people? What planet or bubble are you living in? Geez. The person who had thumbs-downed my meme, then responded my doing something to my meme. The No Lives Matter meme was changed to a No, Lives Matter. This person must have thought it was clever, but he was making the point the many have tried to make to the idea of Black Lives Matter, that all lives matter. Apparently, this fellow never got the memo that saying just Lives Matter or All Lives Matter is also considered to be racist.

  • Phoned my Mom and I got depressing news. First, an aunt of mine had to be airlifted from Flin Flon to Winnipeg for some medical emergency. I pray that Auntie Edith survives. My mother also had the basement of her house flood, again. This time, it was because of a very heavy and intense rain that hit Brandon the day before I phoned her. 150 mm fell in five hours!! Lots of streets and basements and stores flooded in Brandon, including my mother's. I feel bad for my mother, and ashamed of myself because I am so impotent on the other side of the world and can't do anything to help her, beyond send my best wished and express my sumpathy. Thankfully, my brother Ron will be able to drive out from Winnipeg to help her, but his July 1st holiday will be ruined.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Either All Lives Matter or No Lives Matter!

With current events continuing to lower my estimation of mankind*, I am inclining to tend to the latter opinion.

All people are bastards and they can all go boil their heads! No group of people is entitled to special victimhood status. We're all victims and we're all bigots. And what bigots have to say about other people is on the whole, mostly true.

As a wannabe Catholic, I have compelled to support the former choice in the title of this blog entry. I am also, a bit of a reactionary, and I do see the necessity of hierarchies. Every life matters in its proper place.

* And that's quite a feat since I like to think of myself as a misanthrope.

Tales From Parking Clown world; TM's Are Really BM's; PWSFC19STs; Father's Day; Tony Wants to Know about the TSM

  • Nothing demonstrates the utter barbaric selfish anti-civilizational thoughtless tendencies of the chicom-led mainland Han Chinese more glaringly obviously than the way they park their private motor cars. (which as a society they weren't capable of building till western man, in a fit of suicidal altruism coupled with cosmopolitan businessman greed, decided to show them how to do) What I just said shouldn't be controversial because I can offer witness that the Chicom authorities have to do some forceful things to get their subjects to park civilizationally.

  • Rare readers of my blog, who understand my ramblings and have looked at photos I have put in my photoblog, may be aware that there is an area, between the apartment complex housing Compound Kaulins and a nearby shopping mall, where I like to wander and gawk at the locals' insane and selfish parking. The locals park on this long L-shaped road to avoid having to pay for parking at the mall and other nearby plazas. No space on this road will not be parked upon, and the end result the road becomes a narrow gauntlet barely wide enough for a car, looking for a parking spot, to go through. Just after we bought our car, my wife Jenny will actually try to park there. But driving through there was such a pain that she had to relent. There are always these stand-offs between cars going down the gauntlet from opposite directions.

  • Well, after all these years, the authorities, just last week, have decided to crack down on the parking jungle that area had become. I noticed something was going on in the area when I happen to see it from the bus I had just gotten on to go to work. The lack of cars in the area was very noticeable. And when I saw the same lacking the next day, I suspected that something was happening, like a crackdown. So in the evening, I decided to walk along the road and see what was occurring. I saw the parking space lines had been freshly painted on one side of the road and cars were only parked in those spaces. When I got to the end of my walk along the road, I saw six security guards and my suspicions were confirmed. I then wondered how and why this crackdown had started. Who would have made the decision in the vast local chicom bureaucracy to do this? And what were their motivations? Was it because they were as disgusted as this laowai was at the civilizational aspects of it? Or was it because they needed the parking spaces? The road borders some government buildings it does.

  • To be honest, I have to hand it to the chicoms in this instance. In the west, many leaders seem content to let the selfish portions of their populations vandalize and loot; in chicom-led China, I am seeing the smack of firm governance as they deal with selfish parkers.

  • My other parking anecdote is a tale of witnessing a local trying to parallel-park. As I was walking from the bus-stop to my workplace, I saw this local trying to squeeze his car into a lined parking space where the cars on either side had gone over the lines. So, I was witnessing and am now recounting a tale of three morons unable to park: two of whom I couldn't see but whose results of their efforts I could, and the one right in front of me who was daring to park where wiser parkers, of the likely more westernized variety, wouldn't.. Not wanting to be a like the local looky-Lu's, I didn't stop to see if the driver successfully park his car. The last I saw was that he had gotten his rear end as close to one car's front end as he could without touching it, his front end was sticking out into traffic. Gawking, looky-Lu-ism is a Chinese habit which I try to resist adopting.

  • With so many idiots like this in China, how can we be letting these people eat our lunch? It is no wonder I am so reclusive. Idiots goddamn everywhere and in every quarter of Wuxi.

  • Another word for tiger-mothers: bitch-moms. I think it is more apt.

  • A nice long epithet to describe the people responsible for the lockdowns: Pantywaisted snow-flaked covid-19 shit-tyrants. (PWSFC19STs)

  • I really shouldn't be telling you anything but what I am witnessing in this blog; and I really shouldn't be telling you my ignorant opinions or anything about my personal life. But I can't help myself and the chances are, no one is reading this blog anyway. So I will mention that my son gave me a hug on Father's Day which was nice. We then watched two episodes from the fabulous World at War Series from the 1970s. Nothing like watching war documentaries with your son.

  • Tony asked me to download a documentary about the Tiananmen Square Massacre. I wonder if this will be easy to do from within China.