Friday, March 13, 2009

Saturday Morning.

It is Saturday Morning. Other Expats are probably still asleep and nursing hangovers. I am awake and always at your service.

I will now iron my pants.

I contemplate the horrors that await me today. There are many and there are potential ones. First off, will everyone come to work on time? Many Saturdays that doesn't happen. And then there are the students. Most are great, but some! Ai ya!!!

I just gave Tony a bottle. The bugger is up a little too early this morning.

Eventually, I will trudge to the Bus stop where hopefully the number 610 bus has seats so I can read Atlas Shrugged or a Chinese reader I have full of simple sentences in pinyin for me to practice.

It is sunny but cold.

I was looking at this blog entry attempting to classify Expats. This blogger was awfully nice when she classified them as adventurers, mercenaries, and misfits. There are other categories that she should have mentioned like losers, addicts, and perverts. Thankfully, being married, I don't see as much of the latter three categories as I used to. But I don't see many of the former three either.

I like to think I defy categorization and classification but, if forced to identify myself, I would say I am a misfit-loser.

Sometime today I will download the latest edition of Radio Derb. It isn't available at the time of this entry.

Three slices of bread and a one-serving package of yogurt - that be my breakfast.

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