Sunday, March 22, 2009

Monday Morning Mysteriousness

Above, is a photo of Tony taken only moments ago. As you can see, AKIC provides you live-blogging at its finest.

The view outside the second bedroom window. The lane leads to phase three, the final phase, of the apartment complex's completion.

Above, you can see Tony eating an apple taken from the Tree of Knowledge. He didn't need a snake to trick him into doing this. He did so out of his natural curiosity. Still, it means he is a fallen creature like the rest of us.

Who made the comment in the previous entry? I think I know who it is. It is someone who I have been, off and on, trying to get a hold of these past few years.

Some workmen are coming to install curtains. Jenny wants the curtains to cordon off the kitchen from the dining area. She always worries about smells from cooking going all over the house.

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