Friday, March 6, 2009

Long Day.

I shouldn't be making this entry but I am a blogger and I can't help myself.

It was my long day of the week. How long was it? When I left home, my son Tony was sleeping. When I returned, the little man had just fallen asleep.

In between seeing my son asleep, I went to school. I had a lot of preparations to do. I had this company class to prep for as well as the movie class I will do tomorrow. Someone had this idea of doing a company class on a Friday night. Most of the students wanted to go home after a long work week so attendance was low. I will show the movie High Noon tomorrow to the students. The film's story is simple enough for the students to follow.

Seagate has a VSS program for its' employees as part of a plan to cut staff and reduce costs. VSS stands for Voluntary Separation and Severance. Employees who decide to leave will be given a generous separation package. Otherwise... The students I talked to tonight told me that the lay-off decisions will be made this Monday.

Here is a link from a Wuxi-based Blogger who studies biofuel research and doesn't believe in global warming. He says: Beware! Global Warming is a false religion and a lot of fabricated lies.


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