Monday, March 2, 2009

In the doghouse. North Korean Wives.

Some students mentioned something about being able to purchase a wife or wives from North Korea for a bag or rice. They had heard somewhere and now so have I.

I am in the doghouse. So, yesterday, I come home. One attempt to interact with the wife earned me a hard stare. The rest of the night, I was not treated badly but my presence was made to appear invisible. What was my crime? Protesting innocence over Tony's alleged self-induced vomiting.

It is early morning at the K household. I am trying to make a quick entry before the rest of the gang wake up. It is yet another cold wet cloudy day outside. It is enough to make one scream.

Once I went to Seagate to do an SPC (an English Corner - a free-discussion class where a foreigner acts as a moderator), the topic of which was leadership. It had turned out that the day before, there had been a reshuffling and resignation of the company's two top CEOs. Tomorrow, I will another SPC there, the topic for discussion being Can China lead the world out of the recession? I hope nothing happens in the next 24 hours to make that question much too topical.

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