Thursday, March 5, 2009

The apartment complex has a basketball court!

Having not ridden my Electric bike for at least two weeks, I had to go to the underground place I park it in to see if it was still there. My wife suggested I take Tony with me which I readily did.

I took Tony for a walk around the apartment complex. It being winter, I hadn't walked the complex for a couple months. The apartment complex is still under construction so I had an opportunity to see what recent work had been done. More and more apartments are now occupied. The boardwalk like path along the complex's central canal has been extended all the way from one end of the complex to the other. I then saw a new playground and basketball court.

I may buy a basketball now but I can't see myself having much of an opportunity to shot hoops.

Tony was unfortunately whiny the whole tour because he was scared of the dark (I presume).

My electric bike was still there but covered with a thick layer of dust.

Note to myself: bring a rag the next time, you take the bike to work.

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