Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Wizard of Oz sort of day.

I am up. The wife is still in bed. Tony who was the first to get up this morning is watching The Wizard of Oz on DVD for the umpteenth time.

I plan on watching a portion of Oz this afternoon when I prepare for tomorrow's movie class. I will be showing the adventures of Dorothy, Toto, and the three after they arrive at the Emerald City.

Temperature wise, it is still cold in the apartment. I still turn on the heat lamps when I take a shower.

Talking about neighbours in an English Corner, the responses from many of the students was along the line of that they worked all day, went home in the evening, closed the door, and had nothing to do with their neighbours.

Reading so much on the Internet about the passing political scene, it is hard for me to make any comments. All that can be said probably has. There is not much I can add from my corner of the world, or I should say the corner of the world I am at.

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