Monday, February 23, 2009

Solar Eclipse in Wuxi?

I can thank the local weather conditions for giving me something to blog about. About 100 PM today, it became very dark in Downtown Wuxi. It was so dark that cars had to put their headlights on. A few people I was talking to, speculated that either a solar eclipse or the end or the world was occurring. In fact, it was just a very intense storm rolling in. My wife even phoned me to make sure I was indoors.

I knew it was going to happen, but now it is official. February 2009 will be the best month for visits and page views on AKIC blogspot. I want to thank all rare readers, whether they questioned my sanity or gave me advice, for coming here.

I just received a Google alert telling me that the second World Buddhist Forum will open in Wuxi on March 28th. Unfortunately, the link on the alert isn't working for me. Maybe, it will work for you. Wuxi, I gather, will be one of the co-hosts.

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