Friday, February 20, 2009

Does it look recessional in Wuxi?

Looking on the Internet, it certainly looks like there is a recession. But if I walk out onto the street, can I see a recession?

On Wednesday, I walked into the Parkson's on the corner of Zhong Shan and Renmin Roads, and I saw a lot of shop clerks standing around. The tally if I had bothered to count would probably have been clerks 50, customers 30. I don't think I have seen that store so dead before. But it was a Wednesday afternoon.

That is the only sight of the recession I have seen with my own eyes. Otherwise, I have been told anecdotes by people.

I always ask Simon if his baby daughter Amy is walking yet. He tells me "She is getting there."

What do I have to look forward to tomorrow? The continuing rapid progress of Tony who my wife tells me can really shake his hips and bottom when he dances; Showing 30 minutes of the Wizard of Oz to students; making A lesson in Wuxi Hua 3; The latest installment of Radio Derb; and a trip to a DVD shop.

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