Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Check this link out.

This entry from seablogger contains links that are worth looking at, but it is the comment made by one reader that makes the entry a keeper. The commentator confesses that he feels he has become a blogomaniac or you could also say a blog addict. The commentator feels he has to quit his blog addiction cold turkey. However, there is more to this addiction than his reading too many blogs. He says this:

Now it seems like everything in our world is all adrift, unanchored, being
pilfered away by amoral madmen - and I am powerless to do anything, to say
anything. I simply cannot believe this ugly new world is being birthed and I
seem to lack the mental tools to accommodate it.

This has gotten me to thinking.

I have thought a few times that writing this blog is a waste of time. Forty people a day may look at it and many probably take a four second look and type in another URL in their browser.

I have even thought I should give up reading political blogs altogether. But they interest me so. Even if I get classified as a crank for being so.

The world going into the toilet strangely hasn't stirred me as it should. After all, I would be in a world of hurt being out here in China if things went kablooey here. I have fortunately been isolated out in my suburb of Wuxi, away from the mostly amoral expats I know (How I wish I could find one who wasn't but most of them represent what is wrong with the West.). I have my Jenny, Tony, and blog to keep me occupied. It is a small world, but the big world seems too stupid to even contemplate or deal with.


kellen said...

i'm not certain the world is going into the toilet. instead i tend to think that blogs amplify everything with nothing in place to restrict editorialising.

however i'm in total agreement on the morality issue. while far from having a suburban haven in which to retreat, i guess there's always web 2.0

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