Monday, February 23, 2009

Evidence of Tony's Malfeseance

When I saw this, the following conversation ensued:

"Honey! Did you see....."

"I know, the little bugger was also standing on the table and turning off the television all day!"

I wonder what Oprah would do in a situation like this.

I bet she would write Tony a letter.
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Bill said...

You should wait until Tony eats the toilet paper and drinks the shampoo before you write him. Kids put everything into their mouth.

The idea is to manage stuff you can manage, like yourself, the mother, and stuff in the house. Kids are not manageable until they understand what is required of them, and what is dangerous for them.

I remember when my son stop turning on the stereo - not that I recommend this method. He some how turned the volume of the stereo to maximum before he turned it on. It rocked the house. He never touched the stereo ever again.

Andis Kaulins said...

The things he sticks in his mouth already...

I am thinking of electrifying certain things in the house to teach him a lesson....

BTW, Bill, I told my wife about the rice porridge putting a baby to sleep. She asks how the baby can suck it in if it is in a sealed bottle.

Wow! Six words staring with "i" in a row.