Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good morning, it was.

I got to spend an hour or so with my favorite little man, my mini-me, as it were. Jenny went downtown to buy formula and diapers for Tony. She left the international man of mystery with me. We were the best of buddies playing and then we went downtown to join her.

As soon as we got off the bus downtown, Tony espied a cheap coin-operated kid's ride in front of an infant store. He pointed me to it. The ride set me back one rmb.

Jenny agreed to let me at at the Muslim Restaurant near the Mosque in downtown Wuxi. A day there where the food is great is heaven for me.

It puts me in a good mood for work where I am right now.

Josie is shy about doing these Wuxihua or Wuxi Hua lessons. But that is okay. I have many other girls who would be happy to have the gig of Wuxi Hua teacher on the Wuxi Andis Youtube Channel and AKIC blog network.

Harry tells me that a policeman was selling him tickets to the Policeman's ball. Harry bought a hundred till he realized it wasn't a raffle....

Tomorrow, I will show another thirty minutes of the Wizard of Oz movie to students.

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Don Tai said...

Mmmm. Muslim restaurants in China. Yang rou chuanr. Yummy.

I just finished shoveling 5 cm of snow off my driveway. We can't find any Muslim restaurants here in Toronto, though we can find halal foods.