Sunday, February 15, 2009


  • Yesterday, I passed the #3 Hospital where the drama, involving the girl taking the sleeping pills and the father dying of liver problems, occurred. The hospital, for those of you who are familiar with Wuxi is down the road from the train station. I received a letter from a reader thanking me for providing a link to the story in this blog. He mentioned that the issue of the mother not telling the father of what the daughter had done was an important ethical issue. Kant, he said, would have disapproved. I think of a story I heard of truth being represented by a naked old woman as a reason for it to be covered as a matter of course.
  • I appeared on the stage for the TV Show I blogged about last night. The heat from the TV lights was too much. I also recall that last week when I was standing on the stage at the singing gala for which I undeservedly won a second prize with the other contestants, the smell of flatulence filled the air. I wonder how often that happens on Saturday Night Live.
  • It is cold in the apartment but I don't need to wear long johns.
  • Tony is more mischievous than ever and more rebellious too. Spanking him in hopes of stopping him from his more egregious acts seems to only earn his contempt.
  • Sleep is the most precious thing for me these days. I am turning Chinese.
  • There is a book out that suggests Stalin welcomed Hitler's invasion of Russia in June 1941 and wasn't at all duped by Hitler as historians have commonly suggested. My first reaction to this theory is that it immediately reminds of the people who suggest that Roosevelt welcomed the Pearl Harbour attack. Why did Stalin welcome the invasion? It was supposedly part of the grand strategy of Leninist Communists that a world war was needed to ignite a world revolution.
  • My flash memory card reader has appeared to have bitten the dust. Till I can convince the wife to let me buy a new one, I will have to download my video and photo files by putting my camera in a cradle which I hate to use. I will also have to upload MP3 files to my phone the hard way, using a cable which I am dammed if I know where it is.

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