Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Don't want to get Alzheimer's.

It wasn't a good day today as I predicted. But, I can't say why, suffice to say people are strange.

But this is not to say that there weren't some pleasant experiences earlier in the day, for there were. At Mengzhidao Computer Market on Renmin Road I was able to get a new card reader for my digital camera and mobile phone memory cards for just 15 rmb. I was expecting to pay thirty so I was quick to agree to the price. (Some wisenheimer will tell me I could have got it for less. Stick it! I say to them.)

Tony accompanied me to the computer market. While he can walk. He often wants to be carried.

We then went to the Xinhua book store. There are English volumes to be had at the store that are worth reading but I have to get through the 1,000 pages of Atlas Shrugged before I even consider buying another book. I did meet a couple of older Chinese gentlemen who wanted to practice their English on me. I obliged because to find people who can speak English here over the age of sixty is very unusual. The questions I would ask if I could meet more of them. One of the gentlemen I met today told me that he was practicing his English to stop Alzheimer's from setting in. A good idea. The gentleman at first did not pronounce "Alzheimer's" correctly till his description clued me in.

When they asked me about my Chinese speaking abilities, I did utter a few Mandarin phrases telling them I could speak a little English, that my wife was a lousy teacher, and my pronunciation was bad. But one old gent did understand what I said and complimented me on my pronunciation. Pronunciation is not consistent among the Chinese so it sometimes happens that my pronunciation is recognized. (Unfortunately, my wife is not one of these people) So, I will say something in Chinese and then grasp in anticipation of a look of understanding or misunderstanding.

Tony fell asleep in my arms at the Book Store. Xinhua has no seats anywhere because it would encourage loiterers. But, I really could have used a chair then because Tony started to weigh a ton. I got Tony out of the bookstore and walked to Parkson's where the day went to seed.....

Here is an editorial about the Wuxi girl who tried to save her father's life.

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