Friday, February 13, 2009

Brawl at the Nanchang Temple Mall.

Actually, I saw a shoving match Saturday afternoon between an older woman and an older male parking attendant at the Nanchang temple market in Wuxi, China. The male seemed to be getting the worse of it. The woman was pushing him back. His vest was clearly disheveled. He had a look on his face that said "help me God, help me!". I couldn't ascertain what the two were fighting about but I watched if for about a minute before I went on my way. I suppose they were fighting about parking. The woman's electric bike had been pushed on its' side.

Meanwhile, right beside the shoving match, this car was trying to back into a parking spot. The car was in an alleyway that was packed with people. No one was yielding to the car and so there was a constant parade of people behind the car not permitting it to move. I had no sympathy for the driver because the drivers here think they can trump hundreds of other pedestrians because having a car makes them superior. The driver was nuts to drive in an area with so many pedestrians on a Saturday.

Nanchang Market seemed busier than normal because of the Valentine's Day holiday. The flower sellers were out in force. I saw some heart-shaped balloons that would have been nice for Tony, but by the time I got back from my errand (I bought some magnets for Tony to put on a metal white board we had bought him previously), they must have been sold out. Either that or the seller had moved to another spot.

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