Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tony is a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Dare to Dream

Tony is in his WMD phase. Just ask my wife. Today, she tells me Tony managed to pry into a drawer and dump all its contents on the floor. He still likes to climb on the TV table and turn off the television. My wife says the holy terror brought her to tears because he managed to destroy some expensive ear rings she had. Because she comes from the unenlightened Middle Kingdom, she has no qualms about spanking him. When I tell her about the movement in North America to ban spanking, she can't believe it. I, in a spirit of multi-cultural tolerance, play the good cop as much as I can.

Meanwhile, in the U.N., President Oprah is trying to put together another Coalition of the Willing to deal with the WMD problem in the K household. Said Obama: "Forget this stuff about Islamic Terrorism, the real threat to the civilized world is named Anthony Arnis Peng Kaulins."

In other news, President Oprah says he now thinks his stimulus package was a boneheaded move, and will try to have it nullified.

The students got a kick out of this article's headline that I have linked and printed.


Don Tai said...

The jury is still out on spanking in Canada. I believe the courts have put it under the discretion of the parents. Certainly if the child is about to do something that will harm them, then it is Ok. Flogging with any type of instrument is discouraged, but you don't need that on Tony anyway. Usually your hand will hurt more than his butt.

Andis Kaulins said...

Tony is one tough hombre. He finds my attempts to correct his behavior, both physical and verbal, most amusing. A lecture earns a blah blah blah response.

Don Tai said...

I can only advise you that next time, have a girl. Boys will be boys. shijinr.