Saturday, February 21, 2009


I am working today, teaching some extra classes at school. I do have a bit of spare time in the morning to make a blog entry. The wife and son are still in bed.

It rained heavily last night. My wife told me that there was even thunder. I was in bed listening to some freshly downloaded podcasts on my mobile phone so I didn't hear the thunder but I did hear the heavy patter of rain on the outside walls of our apartment building.

Today, I have four classes to teach and planning to do for tomorrow. I should be able to download the latest WTU during that time.

I like to thank rare reader Susan for her kind words. I do believe I have a beautiful wife and son. I hope I can provide them with a good life in these perilous times.

My father sends me this link for a Chinese woman who had a cultural display in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.

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