Sunday, November 1, 2009


Tuesday Afternoon
My wife Jenny and son Tony will be at the bus station in Wuxi about four o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
Diarrhea and Vomit
Tony has been experiencing these noxious phenomenon.  But I will be happy to see him tomorrow, irregardless.
I did a conversation class about superstitions yesterday and learned of few Chinese ones. 
You can't bring an umbrella to a wedding, the students told me, because the character for divorce resembles a umbrella. 
As well, a couple shouldn't eat a peach (or is it a pear) together because the p word sounds a lot like the d word.
It is bad luck to kill or evict a snake that has entered your house.
Podcasts or DVDs?
That is another question of little importance but satisfying a personal content requirement.  With the wife and son coming tomorrow, I will lose access to the television and DVD player.  So you would think I would spend my final hours of aloneness watching as many as DVDs as I could.  I would have but I have come upon a new podcast worth listening to.  I have downloaded fifteen episodes of the show and put them on a flash drive which in turn I have put in my large screen television so I can listen to them sitting on the couch.
What podcast am I talking about?  I will tell you in my next Quotes and Links entry which is currently in the works.
Is the apartment clean?
Not having to be at work today till one p.m., I have been able to do some cleaning.  Probably not enough to satisfy the wife, but I can say, with certainty, that I am no slob.  I have seen slobs that they have an absolute neglect of organization and cleanliness that boggles my mind. 

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