Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stuff from Sunday

Headlines from Sunday:

Are there lots of Chinese Restaurants in Japan?
I had an opportunity to talk to a Wuxiren who had spent eight years in Japan.  He told me that there were lots of Chinese restaurants there, answering a question of mine.  He also told me things there are too expensive and that Japanese Engineers will work 100 overtime hours a month only getting paid for thirty.  There are few children in Japan because, he told me, it is too expensive to have them.

Apartments are too expensive in Wuxi
Mid-level managers at a company in Wuxi can't afford to buy apartments here, I have been told.  Prices will have to go down.

Who was that woman?
Some assistant secretary from some department in the education department of the American federal government made a visit to our school yesterday.  I happily avoided having to see this person.  Government careerists scare me:  they are full of qualifications and talk in such an abstract way that it depresses one.

Video Uploading
It took me six hours to upload four minutes of video to YouTube on Saturday and Sunday -- three hours of actual uploading and three hours of wasted time trying to get my VPN to get around the Great Firewall.
Tony Wets Bed!  Ha Ha!
I laughed when my wife first told me.  Tony had been feeding milk to one of his dolls (actually my doll).  It wasn't so amusing for my wife because Tony wet the bed feeding Eago Beago and she had to change sheets.

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