Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tuesday (Friday) Ramblings

Singing in the Chinese Rain
There is that famous scene from the movie "Singing in the Rain" where Gene Kelly dances and sloshes on a street in heavy late-night rain.  I always wondered if rain ever got as heavy as it did in that scene, and of course it does, but I can't say that I had really experienced it.  Now, I have actually had the experience, on many occasions, as I did last night, but unlike the other times, last night's rain and my experiences therein did hearken me back to that famous scene.   I was not actually dancing last night, but walking down this side street, strewn with garbage and lacking in drainage, I might has have well have been.  

A foreigner dancing in the rain would have struck more than just a lone policeman as strange.

Why was I walking the street in the cold, depressing rain?  I was looking for formula for Tony.  We ran out, unfortunately.  And it was past nine so the stores I went to were closed.  I wandered down this long narrow market that thrives in the day and sun but late last evening, it was a cold unfriendly place.  There, I tried a small convenience store and could make out all the locals watching me with interest and disbelief.

After my fruitless search, I took a motorcycle taxi home.  I felt sorry for the poor sot driving.  Even though, I was freezing, it was but for a short interim.  This guy was eking out a living driving in those conditions all night.

Yao bu Yao Chu Zhu Qu?
I believe that's what these fellow in a van yelled at me as I walking to the bus stop near my apartment.  He was asking if I wanted a ride for some fee.  I of course wasn't interested and was put off a little by the "look at the foreigner" attitude coming from that person, but you have to give these people credit for trying to make some cash.  I have often thought how better off we would be if the government did regulate the taxi and bus industries, and how people would have been more naturally inclined to make their own travel arrangements.  Just think, a man with a car could easily pick up three other people going his way.  Instead you have this divide between private and public cars which government imposed on people right from the start.

Taking the bus today
Poor Sleek.  She hates to be parked.  She aims to ride free on the road.  But the rain ain't good for here.  It gives her rheumatism.

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