Monday, November 2, 2009

Tony not to stay overnight at the hospital

My wife's dealings with doctors and insurance companies seem rather byzantine.  Not not her part, mind you. She  told me that the Insurance Company, knowing Tony is a mixed blood baby, was using that as an excuse to not cover Tony's trip to the hospital yesterday which involved all sorts of tests and the hospital telling Jenny that a bed wasn't available for him. 
Today, they told my wife that the only available bed at the hospital had been occupied by a baby that had an infection so they didn't think it prudent for Tony to stay there - he might catch the infection too.  It seemed, to me, to be very out of character for a Chinese hospital to do this.  For one thing, it was a highly prudent thing to do.  Also, the hospital was losing out on revenue.  Maybe, the Insurance company told them not to.
As it stands, I am happy with the way things have worked out.  Tony is not staying overnight at the hospital.  He is staying at home.  And his diarrhea and vomiting will pass.  He is taking some medicine for it.

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