Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Tony likes Morrissey
Tony likes to watch this DVD I have of music videos of Morrissey, the ex-lead singer of the Smiths.  He especially likes that song Every Day is like Sunday.
My Man Michael
There is someone in Hui Shan who can speak English.  Michael is his name and he lives at the Forte apartments.
Hui Shan Tesco
Michael tells me that the Hui Shan Tesco supermarket will be opening on or abouts Christmas Day.  This is great news because the K family is a ten minutes walk from it.  Presently, the closest, Baoli Carrefour, is thirty minutes way by bus.
The founding of Wuxi
Many probably already know that Wuxi means "Without Tin" in English.  I have told been that way-back-when the rulers choose to call this area Wuxi to stop factions from coming to the area and finding over the tin that could be found underneath the area presently occupied by XiHui Park.
I am a birther
I believe Obama was born after being conceived in an normal act of coitus, unlike some who seem to believe his was immaculately conceived in the manner of Jesus Christ.

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