Thursday, November 5, 2009

Friday hence Tuesday

It's Tuesday!
It is Tuesday!  I don't care what you say!  This is my second day back from my weekend, so it is Tuesday.  Ignore your calendars.  Live at the pace of AKIC.
Ask a Blogger
Have a question that you can't find an answer to?  Ask a blogger.  I had a question about Taiwan that my googling could not yield an answer, so I went to an Expat Blog service and located a Canadian blogger in Taiwan to answer it for me.
The fruits of that labour will appear anon because....
Long Term Projects
The problem with blogging is that sometimes you do entries hastily, without consideration and research.  So I have a file, now ,of Works in Progress that I go to when I have some spare time.  So when I tell you what I had for breakfast and what I found in my pockets, you will also get paradigm-shifting food for thought.
I just made Tony some formula
More on the socio-political and metaphysical impact of this act in an soon-to-appear essay.
I choose that as a topic for my English Corner Friday afternoon.  What was I thinking?  That will certainly go over like a lead balloon.
What do I think of Bohemians?  Really, they run around packs.  They are just another group of people.

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