Monday, November 16, 2009

It is the Weekend!

Maybe not for you...
but definitely for me.  Tuesday and Wednesday, I stay away from the teaching place I go to Thursday to Monday.  But it looks like I will be staying close Base Casa Kaulins, playing with Boy Tony and maybe getting in some reading.  It is wet and cold outside.
What can AKIC Readers expect?
Hard to say what you can expect from me the next two days.  I will take some video which I will upload here most definitely, but maybe, maybe-not to here.
How Cold is it?
I won't bore you with numbers.  Instead, I will tell you what Tony didn't do the last two nights.  It has been his habit to squirm and move all over the bed, in which ever direction twisting himself like he was the big hand on a clock, kicking his parents in the head, kicking his blankets off, all while supposedly sleeping.  But the last two nights, he has laid as still as a log, under the quilt.
Momma, Momma
That is Tony's favorite phrase.  I don't know if that means he is wanting his mother or is protesting some other imagined injustice.
Bring it on.
Obama in China
The students I talked to were dimly aware of his recent visit.
Living in Heaven
I asked the students if there was anything wrong with the places they were living.  They all said no! 
Did any of them want ot move?  They all said no!
So I asked if the place they were living in was perfect, a heaven as it were?  Again, affirmative responses.
I was teaching a class about housing and neighbourhoods.
One woman even said that as long as she lived close to her mother, she was happy.
No Big Thoughts or Observations
My mind seems less expansive in the cold.  I must sit on the bus muttering to myself, not bothering to look up at things.

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