Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wednesday (Sunday) Sermonizing

Tony grabbing and pulling
Tony likes to grab Andis, pull him to the living room, and get him to dance to the Teletubbies.  Andis grabs Tony to dance to the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack but he gets no cooperation.

Andis and Tony take a bath
Tony and Andis took a bath together on Saturday night.  Tony liked pouring water on Andis.  Tony didn't like Andis  pouring water on him.

I eloquently defend a great man from blood libels.  As well, I offer the world hope for 2012.

If Andis were a woman,
He would marry a man like himself.

Andis wears a Sweater
Does CNN or or tell you this?  Of course not.  That is why you should go here for your news and opinion.

Andis organizes his socks
Video and Pictures later.

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