Wednesday, November 11, 2009

They're back!!!!

Jenny and Tony return to Wuxi
Like Douglas MacArthur, before them, they said they would return, and they did.  Jenny and Tony arrived back in Wuxi at about 330 PM this afternoon.  If Andis had known earlier the exact time of their arrival back in Wuxi, he would have watched the Doris Day and James Cagney musical he had on DVD instead of listening to the Hardcore History Podcasts the evening before, but such is life.  You make decisions and you have to accept the consequences; and not go off on some rant about how we just have to change the institutions and everything is going to be alright and get mad at the country you happen to be living in the time of the said little bit of trouble you had which if you had really thought about it you could have had anywhere in the world, and why complain about not being able to temporarily do something that your ancestors could not have  dreamed of doing at all.
Video has been taken.  You have been warned.
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Forced between having to watch the latest movie by the Borat guy or a cheesy musical filmed in CinemaScope in the nineteen fifties, I'd watch the latter every time as I did last night.  7B for 7B is a kind of movie that may never ever get made again, and that is such a shame.  Watching it, I said to myself that there was a time when one could go to the local cinema and see such a film.  The movie has violence, singing, dancing, strong practical female characters, great scenery, bible-thumpers, avalanches, and men being able to find wives by kidnapping them.  The movie manages to break every contemporary P.C. rule without descending into crudity and vulgarity.  Watching it with a modern but sympathetic mindset, I could only imagine how they would feel compelled to make the movie modern.  One of the brothers would have to be gay.  Seven straight men wouldn't do in this day and age.  And all this men are white  -- they would have to make one black or Chinese or Latino.  And a family of seven being bad for the environment -- the family would have be shrunk so that all that would be left was the gay character and the black man.  And of course there would have to be an orgy scene...
Seven Bride for Seven Brothers was an enjoyable movie.  If you live in Wuxi, run, don't walk to the Nanchang Book Market, third floor and look for your copy of the movie there in the bin where the DVDs have green labels.  Or I could lend to you.
One thing about CinemaScope, it took me ten minutes to get used to the screen width.  I honestly thought I would have to watch the movie twice -- first, watching the left half of screen and then the right on the second viewing.
No using the right side of my mouth
I am not going to stop talking like Rush Limbaugh.  No, that won't happen.  Once you know what's right, you don't stop knowing it.  What I am talking about is my final trip to the dentist would took place on Wednesday.  I have got an filling and I was told not to eat with the filled-up tooth for 48 hours.
The whole operation was painless.  One time, I thought I was going to choke but overall it wasn't the crude primitive process I had been lead to believe.  The dentist knew a little English.  The nurses were pretty.  And the whole staff were interested in seeing the dental work I had had done in Canada.

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