Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oh Boy!

Change in Weather
The weather changed greatly from Saturday to Sunday.  Yesterday, there was a high of thirty degrees; today, have put on heavier fall jackets.

Get Me out of here!
The Halloween Party was a pleasant affair.  The students complimented me many times for my costume.  However, I don't care much for going to bars anymore -- beer is too expensive; music is almost, always awful; and I am getting misanthropic with age.

Tearing up the asphalt
On the bus ride to work this morning, I couldn't help but notice how one lane of traffic had been torn up so that there was the stark sight of large pieces of asphalt waiting to be cleared.  Perhaps it is work being done for the subway. Hacked!
The owner and operator of didn't know his site had been hacked by Halloween pranksters till I phoned him about it.  IMP: the victim of a hacker.  I never thought I would see the day.

No Expo English 
Sunday's Expo English has been cancelled because of the weather.

I got cleaning to do
With my wife Jenny and Tony returning to Wuxi, possibly on Tuesday, I got lots of cleaning to do.  I can only put off bringing the vacuum cleaner, the mop, and rags.  And I have to put everything out of the reach of Tony.

Transformer Exhibition
There was an interesting exhibition of Transformer like sculpture between Ba Bai Ban the plaza that once contained Toys R Us.  Someone had put together old car parts to make Monsters, a Music Band, and a train.  I will try to take photos of it this afternoon.

Rubber Neckers
Standing at the Bus Stop near my apartment subjects me to lots of double takes and stares.  I wonder if it is because my fly is open.

Thank You
Gratitude is the secret to happiness.  You have to be very thankful for what you got.  The thing that one should have most gratitude for is criticism.  There are things about ourselves that we are blind to.  Sometimes we are making enormous blunders completely unawares.  And we should be thankful when someone points this out to us.

At the Halloween party, a student pointed out to me that I was neglecting to thank people who had given my some compliments for my costumes.  I immediately became defensive but she had a point.  I then quickly made a point of thanking those who complimented me.

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