Monday, April 6, 2009

Tuesday Morning in AKICistan.

Happily Blogging away I am as the maid vacuums the apartment. The wife and son are still in bed. So I may be forced to scuttle the entry...

Books I want to be reading now: Confessions of Saint Augustine, a good Latin grammar, something by Shakespeare, Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, The Journey to the West, a good book on something Canadian, a biography of Fred Astaire, and some good poetry.

Oh yeah! Also, a Bible.

The wife is employing my limited domestic skills around the house. I am ironing something for her. Of course, her clothes are full of strange frilliness that won't sit flat!

Shoes a little worn. My pants are become shiny at the butt. It is the best I can do today.

This blog is full of tweets. It looks like I am twittering.

I would be happy if Tony became a tradesmen. He would be doing something useful. If I want him to get one thing from me, it would be that: be useful!

Tony is going to have to learn that when he embraces us that he doesn't have to run at us at 100 km/h.

Tuesday and Wednesdays are my days off but I will still go to school. Three classes tonight and a meeting tomorrow afternoon.

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