Saturday, April 25, 2009


It has to be a sunny Sunday here in Wuxi. I could have used an overcast day. The bus into downtown was packed to the gills. It didn't help that I had to carry a pram (which my wife will pick up later this afternoon).

Anyway, it shows why public transportation sucks. I remember reading someone defending it by saying that on the bus or train you could read. Really? Hard to hold a book when you are trying to keep your balance.

Jenny tells me that Tony missed me while he was in Beixing but, now that he is home and used to me, he prefers to be with her.

I was working through King Lear last evening. Funny how now reading in bed means I fall asleep easily. It never used to be that way for me.

Dumb me. My mobile phone was acting strangely. I had plugged an earpiece into it so I could listen to a podcast. Unplugging the earpiece left the phone "thinking" there was still an earpiece plugged in, so the phone's speakers were not working. All I had to do to fix the problem was turn the phone on and off. At work, I was asking to borrow some one's earpiece.

I shouldn't bother talking about Oprah. What's the point? But, after reading accounts of his sitting through some diatribe from Daniel Ortega, I find it hard to believe that Oprah wasn't present for the Reverend Jeremiah Wright's inflammatory sermons.

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Kevin said...

Whoever was talking about reading on the bus probably didn't mean a physical book. Do as the locals do and use a phone or PSP instead, only one hand required.