Friday, April 24, 2009

60th anniversary of something or other in Wuxi.

Did I mention Tony is now officially twenty months old? Well, if I did, sue me. Be that as it may, time sure flies.

I read in a Wuxi news site that it was the sixtieth anniversary of some Wuxi liberation. I asked the students what the liberation of Wuxi was from. They told me that it was from the KMT occupation by the Communists.

I walked to school with a strange feeling in my shoes. It was like I was stepping on rocks. It turned out that Tony had thrown his coins in my shoes. Jenny tells me that Tony later cried because he couldn't find his coins.

I am a white person with blue eyes. Brazil's Marxist president Lula blames "white people with blue eyes." What did I ever do to him?

Also from the article:
There's only one useful rule for predicting human beings:
People tend to do in the future what they did in the past
I hope that doesn't apply in my case!

Study Latin and Ancient Greek? If I have the time. Why not?

Happy Birthday Shakespeare!

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