Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Night and Everything is...

  • Here is a link about a non-communist as leader in the Chinese government. I am not sure why Newsweek is gaga about him.
  • Two cans of pineapple beer and I am feeling okay.
  • Tony likes playing with coins. However, I don't want to see him getting a job in the Bank of Canada or the U.S. Federal Reserve. As Pat Buchanan says, the Fed has had a spotty history and ought to abolished..... Wow! Who would have thought that I would somehow manage to link my son activities to a paleo-con? Well, I did it! Anyway, Tony likes to take the little 1 mao Chinese coins and put them into an empty plastic juice (about the size of a coke bottle - 300ml). He does this using a magnetic tip for the writing instrument originally supposed to be used with this mini etch-a-sketch we bought him.
  • Some students choose to make presentations about the Earth Hour event. I wasn't impressed. I should have told them of that satellite photo of Korea taken at night. The Northern part of the Korean Peninsula - the concentration camp part is all dark. The Southern part is all light. There is no way I would ever voluntarily imprison myself for no good reason. So many people have died in the twentieth century that it shouldn't be so. Earth Hour is an abomination to the people who gave their lives for freedom and light.
  • I love this blog entry from Fresh Bilge. He talks about the good Titanic Movie, A Night to Remember, made in 1959. He hasn't had the misfortune to sit through all of the latest Titanic film. So pathetic were parts of the latest Titanic movie that I have to slap myself to remember that the story of the Titanic obsessed me - I remember Orwell recalling his fascination with the disaster in one essay. A Night to Remember was a fine film. Fresh Bilge also reports how the mayor of Fargo told some Obama federal official to get stuffed, ignoring her order to evacuate the city because of a flood. Would Obama get tagged with success because of the mayor's action? When the mayor of New Orleans fucked up, all he had to do was put on the Blame Bush act.
  • No student I know of actually did anything to mark Tomb Sweeping Day. A lot of them slept or watched television.

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Anonymous said...

"Earth Hour is an abomination to the people who gave their lives for freedom and light."

LOL...this is should write for The Onion!