Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Night and Everything is. If only Everything be.

What does the above title mean? Half of it is in the indicative mood. The other part is in the subjunctive mood. May grammarians strike me silly if I am wrong. But I have never used the subjunctive mood in a title of a blog entry before. I thought it was high time that I did.

I saw an electric cyclist just about get wiped out by a bus this evening. The cyclist had creep onto the road waiting for traffic to give her space to cross. Where she stood, she took up a quarter of a lane. An oncoming bus only narrowly swerved out of the way to avoid hitting her.

Strangely enough it was this bus that I boarded to go home. On the ride, I saw a restaurant where the attendants were dressed in Red Guard uniforms. Now, you will see older men occasionally wearing shabby old green clothes and Mao cap. But the attendants I saw this evening were young and the uniforms looked brand spanking new. The restaurant is on Xicheng Road for those who care.

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