Thursday, April 23, 2009


No electric bike today. It is raining.

The bus drove a lot of the way downtown with its back door open. The driver must have been dopey. But he wasn't as dopey as the other driver on his route. That driver rear ended a car.

A leaky pipe in the school building is too difficult to fix. So, a basin is placed permanently under the leak. Periodically, the person, sitting at the desk underneath, will be dripped on. And so someone has to remove ceiling panels to take down the basin and empty it.

People screaming on their mobile phones can't be very distracting and unnerving. There were a few of those on the bus.

Victor David Hanson says this about Mohammed Ali: Here it is—I never admired Mohammed Ali. Not that much at all. He was a brilliant boxer, but his megalomania ushered a number of deleterious trends into all sports—the ego-driven gestures (which were to be later manifested in everything from spiking the ball to trash talking the opponent) were all repellent. When I was young, I was thrilled by Ali. Reading the accounts of his bouts with Norton, Frazier, and Foreman certainly captured my young imagination. But then there were the many silly things he did like try to box against a wrestler, and keep fighting well beyond his own good. His last fight, which he lost, if I remember correctly was against some Canadian based boxer. Ali's brashness has lead to sharpie-touting NFL wide receivers and the ethos of repellent hip-hop and rap music. If he was only a boxer, his legacy might be something to be admired.

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