Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Religion in China. Stolen Extension Cord?

  • From Seablogger, I read this: There are probably close to 100 million Christians in China, most of them following a very individualistic American-style faith. Already more people attend church each Sunday than are members of the Communist Party. China will soon be the world’s biggest Christian country and also possibly its biggest Muslim one. Near my school there is a Christian Church and about two blocks away is a Mosque. Chairman Mao would be turning in his grave if he heard of this. This prediction, which I hope turns out to be true, is something I will have to get the students to comment on. Most say they aren't religious. A few will say they are Buddhists. Fewer still will say they are Christians.
  • I remember Orwell saying somewhere that the first thing totalitarian governments do is try to get rid of all the places of religious worship.
  • I love going to Muslim Restaurants. What Wuxi needs is some Christian restaurants serving cabbage rolls and perogies.
  • I think I had an extension cord stolen today. This extension cord I have needed to access an outlet to charge my bike. The outlets are in a public area which is always very crowded. This morning I went to pick up my bike and found the cord was missing. After I got the wife to complain to the security about it, they told us of another place I could park where there were plenty of available outlets. I parked my bike there tonight. This new place to park my bike is a secret to about twenty other Electric Cyclists in our apartment complex. When I went back to the old parking area, to see if my cord was being used by somebody, I saw about thirty bikes trying to charge out of eight outlets. Where I park now, there were three bikes and a choice of outlets. Back at the old spot, I also found an extension cord near the spot I parked last night. I am thinking that someone may have inadvertently taken it.
  • Speaking of Muslim food. There is a restaurant in the area serving the stuff. I went there today with the wife and son. Yummy!! We had noodles, lamb fried with green peppers, and spicy potatoes served on top of rice.
  • I drove my electric bicycle with Tony on today. It was a first. But, it is not something I will do on a regular basis. I held him with my legs which I usually use to keep the bike balances whenever I slow down. As well, Tony has a key fetish and I had to stop him from grabbing onto my bike ignition keys while we were moving.
  • I also tried to ride with the whole family on the bike. That was a near disaster. Again having Tony between my legs, I also lost my balance and then found myself accelerating when I meant to be braking. I let my wife take over the controls. She drove the family home safely. It was a first for the K family to be altogether on the bike. It was also the first time I have ever been a passenger on a bike - I didn't care for it because I had nothing to hold onto but my thin wife.


Matthew said...

Didn't realize there were that many Christians in China. I've met a few who were really nice (same with the Chinese Muslims). But I've also run into plenty of Chinese who say they're Buddhist but certainly have no idea what it is to be one (just look at a temple during a holiday).

Andis Kaulins said...

I have had students claiming to be Buddhists telling me they worship a different god than Christians. Well, not exactly I tell them. Buddhists are pantheists. They don't have a god per se.