Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Canadian Citizenship laws kick in. Am I part of the Canadian diaspora?

Via Seablogger, I have learned of some expats getting Canadian citizenship. Peter Jennings, an anchorman at a prominent American television network and a Canadian citizen, had children in America. His children will get Canadian citizenship. However, Jennings's grandchildren will not if they are born abroad because of a new law.

I find this interesting because I was not born in Canada. Because my parents were Canadian citizens (they were born in Latvia), when I was born in Germany, I was able to get Canadian citizenship. My son Tony, because he was born to a Canadian citizen abroad, has just received his Canadian citizenship. But this new law means that if Tony's children are born abroad, they may not get Canadian citizenship. Or doesn't it? I am confused about this as Seablogger (though for different reasons) who was reading this article from an Ottawa newspaper report on new Canadian citizenship laws.

One sentence in the article just might strike out at me: I could be part of the "growing diaspora of disengaged (Canadian) citizens who live permanently abroad, who aren't assuming any of the responsibilities and obligations, but enjoy almost all of its rights and privileges."

This son of Latvian diasporans is becoming a Canadian diasporan himself.

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