Friday, April 10, 2009

Tony flunks out of pre-school.

Tony has been kicked out of pre-school for the time being. Jenny told me tonight that the pre-school he was at doesn't want him right now because he is too young and won't listen to any of the handlers. Today, He refused to be fed and to be held. He was just too much trouble for the staff.

My wife was upset by the pre-school's decision. I think he was too young to be with strangers anyway. I will have to do my best to console Jenny. She was hoping to put Tony in the pre-school to give herself a break. Her hopes have been dashed.

Jenny is also worried over Tony's not being able to talk while other children, his age and younger, can. Again, I think it is nothing to worry about. Tony must be confused by having two parents talk to him in different languages.

Meanwhile, Duff & Nonsense has been waxing poetically about the HBO series The Wire - a series I quite enjoy myself. I was surprised to learn that the actor who plays the character McNulty is from England.

For my last movie class, possibly ever, at the school, I will show the Astaire and Rogers movie Top Hat. I am showing the film more for me than the students. I think that some of the students don't appreciate my taste in old movies. But to me, many of the old movies I have watched recently have been revelations that the more recent cinematic fare haven't. As well, the long stretches of dancing, which I really enjoy, don't require much preparation work for the class. I can ask the students what they saw. I don't have to explain to them what was said.


Don Tai said...

Preschools here in Toronto are for kids between 2-3 years old, but there are younger kids. The prerequisite is they need to be out of diapers and the child gets along with the other kids. Other than these requirements they will take any child. Junior kindergarten starts at 4, followed by senior, then Grade 1.

I'd venture to guess that with the traditionally large teacher to child ratios in China, they only want kids that will fit into such a structure. It's not Tony's fault, but the preschool.

All kids progress at different ages. Some kids can walk at 8 months but start talking late. Other kids yammer on at 8 months but can't walk until 20 months. I doubt that the two languages has anything to do with the preschool, and definitely nothing to do with Tony's language progression. Individuals vary greatly.

Anyway, try to find another preschool. As in Chinese medicine, there was no progress, try somewhere elese.

Andis Kaulins said...

I think he is too young for pre-school.

To look after him is to babysit him. It is hard to babysit groups.

You are right. It is not Tony's fault.

As for the preschool, well it a friend of ours running it. She was doing us a favour by giving us reduced rates. I can't the girl if Tony is too much trouble for the money we are giving him.