Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I have TS Eliot on my Mobile Phone

When Napster was free and people could fill their boots with music, I was able to download a recording of TS ELiot reading the Hollow Men. This afternoon, I put the recording on my mobile phone. How I love high tech!

I was thinking of TS Eliot when I mentioned that the Philip Larkin anthology hadn't made the cut of books I took with me to China. An anthology of Eliot's poetry did make the cut. The anthology I have was the same sort of Faber & Faber paperback as the Larkin's anthology I had.

I am reading GKC's Orthodoxy along with Rand's Atlas Shrugged. In a strange way, these books compliment each other. Though, I don't think the two authors would have seen eye-to-eye on much.

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