Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Night.

Keeping with my theme of naming my blog entries after the day and time they were written, I title this blog Monday Night.

Other than that, not much to say. Tony gave me a book when I arrived home tonight. I don't know what he wanted me to do with it. He ignored my entreaties to take it back.

I watched some EWTN this morning on the computer. I will be watching more.

There was a wine-tasting event held in the library of our school today. A Chilean gentlemen did a find presentation about wine and his part of South America. I have never had a taste for wine. I still prefer a Crown and Coke when the opportunity arises. I couldn't tell a good wine from a bad wine unless I looked at the price tag. I did try some wine this afternoon but I found it quickly made me light-headed (I am out of practice when it comes to drinking alcohol) and stabbed at my delicate stomach.

This column by David Warren about Oprah's latest doltest move contains a good description of Obama and his milieu: All his life, from childhood through university through "community organizing" and Chicago wardheel politics, through Sunday mornings listening to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, to the left side of Democrat caucuses in Springfield and Washington, he has been surrounded almost exclusively by extremely liberal people, and moreover, by people who are quick and clever but intellectually narrow. He could have widened his intellect if he had actually listened to Rush Limbaugh instead of telling the Republicans to switch Rush off.

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Hi Andis,
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