Thursday, March 12, 2009

Friday Morning.

Another crappy day outside. I look out the window and see wet and wind.

The other two thirds of the K family are asleep as I make this entry. But they will be up soon so I must type quick.

Life is alright for now but who knows for how much longer it will be. I have to mentally condition myself to not be so complacent. The bad economic news around the world has hit me on the fringes but not directly. If and when it does, I should have options.

The bus home last night was not as crowded as it usual is. It is usually more crowded when the weather is bad. Signs of what?

I have an afternoon of preparation and four classes at school today.

I was wondering where my umbrella went. It turned out that I had left it in the car going to Littelfuse.

Did I tell you my wife is a Buddhist? She told me last night. There is mini-controversy stirring because we didn't go to the Ling Shan Buddha on Wednesday. We will go, but not at my wife says is the best time.

I have never talked much to my wife about her religious beliefs. But then she has never asked me about mine.

Speaking of which what does an atheist say to the proposition that gratitude is the key component of happiness? I suppose the atheist might say a person should consider themselves lucky.

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