Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Things I saw on Wednesday.

As I was saying, I won't be dwelling too much on the Big Buddha Shrine that we went to yesterday. However, I will be uploading videos and publishing videos of Tony there.

Now, I will tell you some things I did and saw yesterday while I wondered about Wuxi.

  • It takes about two hours to get to Ling Shan from Yangqiao if you take buses. We actually got in a van for the trip to the Shrine. Along the way, the K family rode through the tunnel that was built between Xi Hui Park and the #4 People's Hospital. The tunnel was impressive.
  • You can take the #88 or #89 bus from the train station to get to Ling Shan. Taking the #89 back, I had to transfer to a #2 to get to downtown.
  • Wuxi has at least three Carrefours now. I went to a new one on Lixi Road, not too far from the New Sports Centre.
  • Going through the town of Ling Shan, I saw soldiers marching about.
  • The Big Buddha was obscured by smog or dust when I went yesterday.
  • I was called Laowei at least a hundred times yesterday. It drove me out of my mind. At the Shrine, there were hundreds of students who I presume rarely see foreigners. I understood one of the students to say I was Korean (hanguoren).
  • When we arrived home yesterday, none of us had keys to get into the apartment. I had given mine to the maid. My wife had left hers in the apartment. We had to track down the maid who lives in the countryside near our home to get the key.
  • Romanos Pizza has been full of customers recently because they have had a 50% off promotion.

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