Thursday, March 19, 2009


The first sign of Spring in Wuxi is the appearance of bare Expat forearms. I saw my first forearms on Tuesday.

Yesterday, I saw the first hairy chest and forearms of spring.

There is a Wuxi Expat whose female companion got him to dye his hair. To his horror, he later realized that she had asked the stylist to use extra strength black dye to get rid of the gray. The change was startling to say the least.

I am doing a bit of live blogging here: I will take a shower. Then I will be back.

I have read that that the AIG business and the issue of the employees and management getting huge bonuses is really a tempest in a teapot. The company was contractually obliged to give the bonuses. Legislation passed to legalize the government baillout of the company in effect authorized the bonuses. So, the anger by President Oprah and his bunch is shameless political grand-standing, politcs as usual.

President Oprah made a flub about the p/e ratio calling it the profits to earnings ratio. It has got me to thinking. There should be a new financial ratio called the p/b ratio: the price to beggings ratio.

If you look closely at the photo above, you may be able to see the Big Buddha. I took the photo from the entrance to the shrine. So in theory, if there wasn't so much dust in the air, I would have had a fine photo. Alas, in practice.....

More live blogging: I make Tony a bottle of formula. He is starting the getting-up process. I will finish iron my clothes quickly.

I will show the students some Looney Tunes cartoons in the Saturday movie class. Chinese students know about Tom and Jerry, and Mickey Mouse. But Bugs Bunny is something they should know about if they want to understand Western culture.

I saw a shop in Wuxi selling a t-shirt with President Oprah's image on it.

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